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The Head of DevOps is ultimately responsible for the functioning and management of the DevOps teams, both internally and externally with development partners. He / she is responsible for achieving the best practices in Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery by the teams, in which they effectively use the latest technologies. Hereby he / she is pragmatic and technology driven.

Vacancy Head of Devops | The Hague | € 100K +
In addition to managing the various (external) DevOps teams, the Head of DevOps also maintains an overview of the development roadmap as a whole and directly manages a team of internal DevOps Team Leads, Business Analysts, Testers and Release Managers. He / she removes obstacles and implements a clear long-term vision in terms of method, roadmap, technology and innovation. The successful Head of DevOps also understands how support can be offered in the transformation to an active DevOps model.

Main responsibilities
You report to the CTO and are responsible for:

  • Creating and implementing a vision on method, roadmap, technology and innovation
  • Management of the development roadmap
  • Development and operations budget management
  • Coordinating development results & planning with Product Owners
  • Allocation of resources across the DevOps teams
  • Improve knowledge, skills and coaching within the teams
  • Identify conflicts and remove barriers
  • Assessing team members in the functional area (not performance)

Your Main KPI’s

  • Velocity of each DevOps team
  • Successful deployment rate
  • Frequency and speed of deployment
  • Number of production incidents

Job Requirements Head of DevOps
Natural leader with technical background. You have management experience, where agile working is an advantage. You give your teams a mandate and you take on a supporting and coordinating role, which focuses on effectively working, developing and coaching the teams through a structured working method, methodology and technology. You have an easy overview, because your department is the crucial part of the organization, where the business touches technology and you are (jointly) responsible for all systems and daily operation. You have a commitment for data-driven work, and you encourage and facilitate this method within your department. You have strong analytical skills and your business sense enables you to make the link between the customer, commerce and technology.

  • Tech in heart and soul, which likes consistency and optimization
  • Team player who can build teams and continue to motivate them
  • Works from a clear strategy and keeps to that
  • Feels comfortable to operate in an agile / DevOps oriented department, with various highly specialized development partners
  • Data-driven: uses data as the starting point for operations & decisions
  • Strong analytical skills, can quickly interpret data and draw conclusions
  • Visionary, can see how short and long term initiatives come together
  • Team player, who actively cooperates with various peers, teams and stakeholders
  • WO level
  • 3-5 years of experience, such as Lead Developer / Technical Project Manager
  • 1-3 years of experience in leading a (development) team
  • Experience with agile / multidisciplinary work
  • Excellent English communication skills both verbal as written
  • You live in The Netherlands or are planning on relocating

In-depth technical knowledge of, among others:

  • (Cloud) software architecture, AWS, Azure
  • Jira, Jenkins, AppInsights, New Relic, Kibana, Kubernetes, Docker, Appveyor, Ant, Git, etc ..
  • Demonstrable development skills, eg C #, .Net Core, Java

Contact details
Contact person fort his position is Wiebe Lempke, phone +31 33-2473110. If you meet the requirements and are interested in discussing the position please apply via the button below.

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